Ramadan – A month of Iftar parties or self restrain?

Before you step inn in the month of Ramadan make sure that you are aware of its real purpose. It’s not about some fancy Iftar parties but more like a spiritual activity. Activity that helps you to get closer to Allah, spirits are higher and more often you get a chance to have some good deeds and seek forgiveness from Allah. Allah opens the doors of Jannah in this month and the one who repent sincerely, spend his time more usefully then he will be forgiven. Make your time more valuable and spend time in Best Hotels near Haram Makkah.

Ramadan is not meant to have occasions like Iftar parties with lots of food on the dining table when your fellow is hungry. So this Ramadan, get your spirits higher and give your life a chance to follow the right path starting another righteous path of life. Take this month as a reminder to change our lives and habits. The doors of Allah’s mercy and kindness are wide open for you and if you are not benefiting from it then you are definitely at loss. There is no meaning in arranging high profile kind of parties for relatives. Understand the essence of this month try to have more blessings at your side.

Stay obedient to your creator, be his servant and groom yourself in a way that you could be his loyal servant for rest of the life. Fasting is not merely a practice of staying hungry but it requires a self restrain towards all the tempted sins. Every act of a sin takes your Iman lower than before. So, if you are blessed enough to enjoy his holy month with all of its spirits, make sure to get maximum benefit and waste less time in arranging those high profile expensive Iftar parties.
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